Stations of The Cross

Good Friday was a very special day as that was the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. My class re-enacted  “The Stations of The Cross” as it is more understandable for the young children while it also teaches us a message that no matter how hard things get, keep going. 


In our act my female classmates and I  played the woman of Jerusalem wearing robes and veils.


Second  stations: The soldiers made Jesus take up and carry this heavy and wooden cross. 


Eighth station: Women of Jerusalem are devastated and crying as they see Jesus carrying this heavy cross on his shoulders while sweating from exhaustion.


The second and eighth stations were the two stations that in fact mixed my emotions around.  Seeing how my classmate who played Jesus took up and carried the heavy wooden cross.  


It made me feel blue seeing how exhausted Jesus must’ve felt carrying the burden of the cross. Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem who were sobbing showing us how much He loves us and will never leave us to suffer alone, even when we are in our loneliest chapters in life.


But the act that made my emotions blow up was the part where my classmate Daniel sang “Were you There” and to tell the truth his singing was fantastic and glorious. No words can explain how smooth the rhythm of his voice was, it was just magnificent.


The Stations taught and showed us a message that no matter how much we struggle and sin, Jesus’s everlasting love for us will never end. 


My Lenten Backpack.

Give food to the poor. Love for the poor and lonely. Letters of positive thoughts and writing for people in pain and for people who need it for there “Quote Of The Day”. Give away stuff you do not need for the people who really need it like clothes, shoes and food. Bibles, Rosary and Paper with a prayer on it to spread some love and God’s word for people who are struggling really need it and for anyone in general.

What Lent Means To Me.

This photo right here means a lot to me. It tells me that when you can’t sleep or when your free you can take some time to talk to god because he is always waiting for you even though you are far away from him and God will wait even if it takes a lot of years and months. As God wants to prove his love for us by waiting for us to return back to God.

The feast day of Our Lady Of The Rosary

The Feast Of Our Lady Of The Rosary.

On October the 7th it’s the day of Our Lady Of The Rosary. Some of you might be a little bit confused because isn’t October all about halloween?. Well October is all about Mary (Jesus’s Mother) and (Our Lady Of The Rosary). 

That day tells us religious people that  if we are ever in danger or need some help they can always go to our mother (Mother Mary).

When did the Feast Of Mary Start?.

The Feast of Mary started in the 7th century in the Eastern churches in Milan Ravenna in Italy.

 How did the Feast Of the Rosary Begin?. According to google Mary charged the Rosary to St.Dominic in the 13th century to help in strife with Albigensian’s. 

So just remember guys celebrate the Feast Day Of Our Lady Of The Rosary.

Joyla’s Smart Speakers.

 However, I personally think that smart speakers can be useful. You are probably asking for an explanation on how smart speakers are useful?.

Smart speakers can also be really handy for some people and according to google smart speakers can be exceptional for little kids because they said it will be accessible for their bedtime stories, YouTube videos and cartoons. 

They also think smart speakers can be helpful for people who have trust issues with every single human being on earth. They can set up a home alarm for if a burglar breaks into their home or if someone ram raids it, they also can be helpful for people who are too busy to do everything at once.

They can also realise people’s voices and help them distribute them with balanced tasks. Well smart speakers can be functional for some people.

But on the other hand, smart speakers can be listening and eavesdropping on people’s conversations especially on their really personal phone calls.Like their conversations with their doctor, police, family members, their partners and phone calls.


Is Online School better than In Real Life School?.

Is Online School better than In Real Life School?.

I particularly choose Yes and No because there are a lot of reasons why and I will explain that to you. I have positive reasons and some negative reasons. 


My first reason is YES. Because we will not have to worry about rushing to put on your clothes, making sure your shoes, lunch, bag and other stuff you need to take to school is ready. 

My second reason for why I said YES is because we can relax and do our homework at the same time and we can be warm and comfortable in our own clothes. Everyone also doesn’t have to worry about getting their homework done in time.


 My second reason is NO because some of us can be going on the wrong site and doing what we are not supposed to be doing, especially on our school accounts. 

My other reason is NO because some kids can be starting some drama on social media and cyberbullying other kids which is not right. Sometimes online school can be fun but it can be bad at the same time because social media can be dangerous and sketchy for young kids like us. 


But online school can be a lot cheaper than In Real Life School but sometimes we need school to learn more and socialise with people and you can talk to your friends and people you love hanging out with every week day.