My hero Frank Caprio

The reason why I choose Frank Caprio As My Hero

The reason why I chose Frank Caprio as my hero is because he inspired me to do good deeds to people because you never know what they are going through. 

How he does he inspire me you ask well he is kind of a strict judge but he listens to what people have to say and it really touches my heart. 

He is also nice to everyone he is with like he respects them he listens to them and he would always believe the defendant especially when they do something horrendously wrong. 

Facts about Frank Caprio

  1. Frank Caprio is one of the nicest judge in the whole wide world

  2. He earned a bachelor degree from providence college in the 19,s

  3. Frank Capri’s court is known worldwide due to the top rated from the television show

  4. Caprio has served as a providence judge since 1985

  5. Frank Caprio is an extremely caring judge because he will never judge anyone before he gets to know them

  6. He is grateful for everything he has and has accomplished

Questions?? to ask Frank Caprio

  1. D0 you sometimes get really sensitive during your time with your clients

  2. Is being a judge really hard

  3. What are some lessons you have gotten from people you have been inspired by 

  4. Do you think anyone can accomplish anything in life especially when people never believed in us 

  5. Have you ever faced any challenges when you were young 

  6. Can you relate to some of the stuff your clients say or do 

  7. How do you ever deal with people who have put you down before

  8. What is like being the world nicest judge

  9. What were your options besides being a judge

  10. Who was your hero when you were young.

Lifting a Line Story

The Unspeakable Voice


On a Tuesday Afternoon a sad and depressed girl named Leilani was going through a rough time because she lost her job and she was about to be kicked out of her House. 


She was entirely UPSET and BLUE until she heard a voice say “Come Come To Me”. At first she was petrified and scared but at the same time she asked herself if she could trust this random voice.


  After a while she finally built up the courage to follow the voice but she never thought that following a voice would change her life forever. Little did Leilani know that voice is from her grandfather that has recently passed.  


Once Leilani followed the voice she realized it was her grandfather. Her Grandfather had come to tell Leilani to never give up on anything because it is OK if you fail or win. 


 Once he finished saying those words Leilani cried and said “Thank you grandpa I will always miss and love you” her grandfather waved goodbye and said “I love you”.  


After her grandpa left Leilani told herself to never give up on anything she does. After a While Leilani started working hard until one day she finally percude her dream. Her dream was to become a CEO of a very popular company. After she finished work she looked up in the sky and said “We did it grandpa we did it” then she walked happily. 

Lifting a Line really helped me Lift up my writing and I also enjoyed it. Lifting a Line is when you pick your sentence that you think is the best, then paste it on a new page and that will be the start of your new story.

Mission Day

Mission Day 


On Friday the 23rd of September we had Mission Day, a day where we donate money to the poor children in Kalyanpur India.

First we had a liturgy under the canopy. Once we were finished we had to gather up our money  and put them in our class numbers.

Once we were finally done with our liturgy we went back to class to begin on our Te Reo Athon. It was very hard and complicated at the same time.

 Once we were done we got ready for morning tea. During morning tea the Room 8 girls were giving out raffle tickets  on the side for the juniors and one side for the middle seniors.

The line for the raffle tickets was really long and crowded so I decided to not buy any tickets because I didn’t want to wait in line all day. 

After a while the bell and we all went back to class. Once we got in class we watched a movie called Spirited Away.  The movie was really awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. 

After we watched the movie each and every single class had to gather up under the canopy to see who won a toy.  The winners were Sulia,Kava,Lupe,Willietony and Ramzy. I really enjoyed and loved mission day.


Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day.

Happy Fathers Day Grandpa even tho I didn’t get to  meet you I just wanted to say thank you for making my older siblings my  Mum and Grandmas years with you fun and enjoyable.  I really wish I got to meet you I know your’re guiding us right now but I know you were the best grandpa my siblings ever had  I really wish I had the chance to meet you.  I hope you have the best Fathers day in heaven with God Jesus and  all  the other grandpas and dads. I will always love you .


How can we protect Endangered Lives

 How can we protect endangered lives?

We can protect Endangered animals and plants by volunteering 

 to Catch some pests and spread awareness. We can also help by calling animal protector services if there is a dangerous animal they need to remove.


We can also help by hunting down possums because they climb up to a bird’s nest to hunt down baby eggs and crack open the baby eggs and eat them.  Once they are done, they leave the bird’s nest before they get caught by the mama bird. 

We can also use some tracking tunnels to see what kind of dangerous animal they need to hunt down or remove. We also need to be careful because we might end up catching the wrong animals.

In conclusion We can protect Endangered lives by volunteering and spreading awareness and removing the pests.

Kaitiakitanga Trip

On Friday the 5’th Room 7 went on a trip to Cornwall park and the view was amazing there. We split into 2 groups and went with 3 girls named Lisa and Charli.

They talked about trees,rocks and pine cones. We also saw traps like wax traps,tim traps and tracking tunnels. We also had to beware of mouse traps. Right after that we went to explore trees and we saw spider webs and spider babies. They looked like they were having a spider party and a spider hotel.

Right after that we switched with Chirs Judd and he told and showed us animal traps so if any animal got captured in one of them he also showed the totara and kauri tree. It was so immaculate and beautiful that I almost fainted.

After that both groups met up and we had lunch and talked after we ate,Chriss and my teacher Mr Bell decided to play a game. We got into two teams and we played snakes and letters with Chris and it was a fun game. I enjoyed it really much.

Once we finished playing the bus came to pick us up and took us home.I think it was a pretty effective day.



Today I did my cybersmart challenge seven. I had to make an underwater scene of  fishes  running away from getting eaten from a ginormous shark and also had to make my fishes out of shapes.

It was fun but a little hard at the same time, You cant decide what shape matches your fish, It is also hard when you have to rotate your shapes because sometimes it will come out as crooked and small. It was also fun making fishes out of shapes because you can design it your way and you can get really creative with it.

The Legend of Robin Hood

Robin Hood was born in 1106 in Lockersley  and died on the 18th of November 1247.Robin Hood’s real name was Robert Fitzooth but he decided to change his name to Robin Hood . Robin Hood became famous because of his Generosity to the poor. Robin Hood was an outlaw because he didn’t want to obey the village’s rules so he decided to live in the forest named Sherwood Forest.


Happy Mothers day card

Happy Mothers day mum thank you for being the best mum in the world.  I appreciate you for also taking care of me when I’m sick. I’m grateful for making me become the best woman I am right now. I am grateful for all of the stuff you provide for me. I hope you have a great day on mothers day. I love you very much!